Improving Your Golf Game With Mobility Exercises – Part 2

In case you missed Part 1 of this series, I discussed mobility exercises that directly effect the thoracic spine. The focus of this post will address how mobility exercises can help achieve proper hip internal and external rotation during a golf swing.

In review, we look at Bubba Watson below for an example of proper should separation and hip rotation.

Inversely, if there is not proper hip internal and external rotation it may alter the biomechanics of the swing. The body will adapt to the path of least resistance, and your swing may end up like Charles Barkley.

I think we are all tired of Barkley’s antics on the golf course, and by now, you would think he could afford some lessons from a pro. Take a look at Barkley’s take away (backswing). If you notice the front knee collapsing during the back swing, it could be an adaptation of the body due to poor front hip internal rotation. Again, poor hip mobility may lead to poor mechanics. Furthermore, proper hip internal rotation allows for the thoracic spine to rotate at a greater range of motion without relying on rotation of the lumbar. If there is too much lumbar rotation it can be a mechanism for injury and lead to chronic low back pain.

With that being said, implementing hip mobility exercises into your exercise regimen can directly effect a golfer’s ability to get proper thoracic rotation without sacrificing lumbar spine rotation. Below are a few videos that can help achieve hip internal and external rotation.

When addressing hip external rotation, consider these next two mobility exercises for lengthening the adductors.

The video below is a walking high knee pull with hip internal rotation. Just one of many ways to address improving IR of the hip.


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