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Nutrition Advice – Making Changes in Eating Well

Changing the way you eat is a difficult task. When someone says they are going on a “diet” or changing the way they eat,it usually involves revamping the way they stock their kitchen. In my recent move to Boston, I have realized the abundance of food marts available. I visited a Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago, and I was a little overwhelmed on the great selection of foods they have available (organic, grass-fed beef, etc.).

With that being said, my wallet took a dramatic hit when I got to the register. Do I regret it? No. Food is an investment in your health. However, the problem  lies when I got home and put everything away (not everything). I continued to sample all of the foods I had bought, and before you know I had just smashed about 2,000 calories.

So, this lead to a few tips on making adjustments to your diet.

1) Make small changes to the type of foods you buy (new foods).

2) Eat less of the foods you normally eat (usually the #1 problem for most).

3) Substitute good foods for old foods week by week, or longer. For example, making the switch to a leaner beef or a better peanut butter choice in separate weeks may reduce the temptation to trying everything in one sitting.