” Jay did an excellent job training me this past summer. Jay worked hard to make me work hard. I was suffering from post labrum surgery and that made it difficult for him to work with me, but he researched workouts, and things I should and shouldn’t do. He created a safe and difficult workout for me and make me work at a good pace. Not only did he create a workout for me, but also took the time to research and create a nutrition plan for me. I saw improvements in multiple area’s. I was stronger, more flexible, I had better endurance. Jay really cares about who he is training and takes the time to make sure they are doing it right. Before we worked with heavy weights, we worked on form until it was perfect or almost perfect. Jay knows a lot about the human body and what to do versus what not to do. Jay is an excellent trainer and works hard at what he does.”

Kyle Carroll

Jefferson College Baseball

“Jay approached me with a plan to help me prepare for the upcoming season. I had mediocre velocity at the time, and now I am in the running to be the ace for my team.”

Matt Ritchie

Longview Community College




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